Level 3 Pathway

Level 3 Pathway

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What will you learn?

Learn the skill that takes you to the top of the mountain in repair, microsoldering and diagnostics which requires use of specialized tools including but not limited to Soldering iron, Hot Air, Microscope, Schematics and your Brain!

What will happen on this pathway?

  • Electrical Theory will start to infiltrate your brain.
  • You will feel better about navigating schematics.
  • Multimeters will just make sense.
  • You will discover how the laws of thermodynamics govern repair.
  • You will build your microsoldering skills one technique at a time to professional levels.

Who do I think this path is for?

If you have ever….paid another shop to clean up your repair, “told someone: “I don’t know” about a repair with no clear thoughts on how to proceed, wished you could add another profitable revenue stream, wanted to do more business 2 Business work, wanted to be like those around you who seem to be doing the impossible.

If you have ever just wanted to take repair to the limit, this pathway is for you.

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