Level 1 + 2 + 3 Pathway

Level 1 + 2 + 3 Pathway

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What will you learn?

Take it all in and learn everything you need to know to do any type of electronics repair that comes your way, from basic screen swaps to the skills needed to change the smallest micro components or even just a basic HDMI connector. This pathway takes you to the center of repair, the full journey.

What will happen on this pathway?

  • You will tie together level 2 and 3 repair as one complete Theory of Repair.
  • Electrical Theory & Schematics will be yours to Read & Navigate
  • Multimeters & Microscopes will be as familiar to you as Screwdrivers & Spudgers.
  • Your Hot Air & Iron will start to listen to you instead of you fighting all the time.
  • You will come to terms with specific industry myths and legends and their truths.

Who do I think this path is for?

Everyone… This is truly the only pathway to take, anything else and your missing things you should know. I only have the other paths because there must be options for those who really are confined in some way. If it were up to me, everyone would just go the whole way and do this pathway, because truthfully, I personally think that its the right way.

This is the single fastest way to a great paying vocation or amazing secondary skill for the enterprising IT hobbyist or professional. Most techies have very strong Level 1 software backgrounds, but you could be the one who has matching hardware manipulation and repair skills, think about it.. I personally think that a microscope and an iron should come at the same time or before a screen repair.

If you want that level of direction in your learning, and really want to go super pro…. This is your pathway.

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