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Come learn in person with me to experience my training firsthand with direct one on one repair training in a small classroom, setting with all the best gear and an instructor who is passionate and sometimes even obsessed with beating down the best pathway for you to become a successful technician.

I’m ready to amp things up and take my repair to another level!

Find a time that fits you best and lock in your date!

Start End Days Timetable LEVEL 1 LEVEL 2 LEVEL 3
March 01
March 07
9:00 - 18:00
March 10
March 17
9:00 - 18:00
April 02
April 03
9:00 - 18:00
April 05
April 09
9:00 - 18:00
May 01
May 07
9:00 - 18:00

In-person training is the quickest way to circumvent problems during online training that can only be resolved with someone standing over your shoulder.

Everyone’s aptitude is different, some can master the skills and concepts by only seeing things in a video a few times, and others need direct help. I myself had many mentors over the years who really pushed me in the right direction at important crossroads during my career. I’d like to help you the way they helped me. I remember spending months trying to lock skills in that could have easily been mine had I just had someone tell me to stop and to do something another way and show me where I goofed up. Sometimes it’s as simple as how we are holding our hands.

You know, having someone directly correct my work so I can be the best I can sounds worthwhile!

A true technician shakedown, each course is tailored to fit the skills taught in the e-learning course perfectly.

Everyone wants a syllabus for them to pine over and think about, but the Art of Repair methodology works a bit differently.

All the major theory that you will use in your day to day is offered via the e-Learning portion and you will come to the realization that most courses offer the exact same thing repackaged. AOR offers a different level to the methodology that’s rooted in understanding the inner core of repair and working out. All repair jobs fall under
the 6 Stages of repair and are broken down within the core of repair which encompasses all three levels of repair as well as the foundational pillars of Material Science, Ticket Documentation, and Electrical Theory. These are all combined with a gentle touch mindset that connects your hands and tools to devices in a way in which creates Safe, Scalable, and Efficient repair.

All repair is governed by the same laws.

The Art of Repair teaches you how to be self-sufficient in repair.

Trust me to guide you, I won’t lead you wrong, whether you are interested in learning how to do Level 3 Microsoldering repair or Standard Retail Level 2 Repair where you focus on just screens, batteries, cameras, charging ports etc. 

Each course I offer is tuned to the individual needs of each student.

I think it’s important for you to know what I personally think about when it comes to the course, and my own goals for teaching. One of the first things I do in every course is to find out exactly what each student hopes to really take away and to make sure I turn it up to eleven when we get to that portion of the course so that you leave achieving your own personal learning objectives.Whether you know what you want to learn or maybe you are still so green you don’t know what you don’t know, Sign up now, and ill make sure to get you where you should be given the experience you bring to class. 

If you are looking for an instructor who really cares about your learning goals

I cover more than just what's in the Syllabus

During any course you take with me, I will always be a source of highly distilled industry knowledge and experience that no other school can offer based on my own highly varied industry background. From single or multi-shop scenarios all the way through wholesaling and direct manufacturing of the parts and tools we use today at the highest level from his time on the ground living in China. I will always be trying to give you the whole picture perspective and answer all the questions that you’ve always wondered about.

Are you curious to feel the skills or just work using the right gear?

During the course you will be using the gear I would personally use myself if I was doing a repair. In fact, I regularly sit in the lab and use different stations on random repairs and projects. So just think of it as some sort of Mega Desk.

Everything is chosen for a specific reason, to be the best choice for getting the work done. Everything in class is also available for purchase through the webshop that ships downstairs, meaning you can come to try things out and pick them up before you leave for the day if you like!

Oh wow, yes trying out all the gear I saw work great during the eLearning + In person course sounds fun!

I have 2 guarantees about my in-person training you will LOVE!

  1. If after the first day, you feel im not a great fit for you, ill give your money back.

*No questions asked other than what the dealbreaker was.

I don’t want you to take a course you feel funny about, and I know the power of what im trying to convey, so 100% I just want those
who are committed to learning my methodology.

2. Once you take the course, even if you didn’t do so well the first time around. I always allow students to take the same exact course and subjects they paid for, as many times as they wish.

Meaning if you come to class for 7 days to learn to solder, or a shorter level 2 class and you’re not as good as you hoped by the end
of training. Feel free to come back to the next class and do the entire course over again. 

Maybe you take the course and don’t get a chance to use the skills for a while, feel free to come refreshed. My goal is to build strong
technicians, not throw information at you, and wish you luck in the end. I really believe in the methodology im trying to provide. That’s
why I know I can make this promise.

You know what they say:

-“You can lead a horse to water but you can’t make him drink”.

Well, I’ll at least keep the water ready for you to drink! It’s the least I can do.

I’ve even come to realize that usually, it’s not the low-performing students who return, it’s the top of the class. My very first graduate
has come back to visit almost every single course and he’s doing very well on his own! He just comes to visit, refresh, and help other

*Based on available seating, it is possible to bring your own gear if seating isn’t open. I’ll never deny you a seat if you can bring your
own gear. Im here for you.

If this makes you feel good about giving me a chance to be your trainer. 


Maybe you have some questions I’ve encountered or thought of already!


1. Should I complete the online course before coming to the in-person course?

Yes, If you want the best experience, you need to complete the online portion prior to class. As We could take an entire class to just go over the theory otherwise. Which takes away from hands-on time.
I will review major concepts during the course though.
Class is meant as a shakedown to make sure you know the information and can lock in your hand skills. But as always, it's also a place to discuss the topics that were giving your trouble during your online learning.

Should I already have some experience before I come in?

None is required, just come open to learn and ill do my best to help you.

Should I / Can I bring my own tools?

It's not required as everything you need for class is provided.
But, feel free to bring things you have had trouble with that pertain to the class you decided to participate in.

Are we Certified in the end? Is there a test or do we just get certified either way?

There is a test, you must pass it if you wish to be AOR certified officially.
If you pass your test you will receive a Certificate of Graduation that you can hang up and remember the good times with your fellow students.
If you do not pass the test, you will still get a Certificate of Completion that says you came and attended the class, but you will need to come to retake the class or retest to make sure you know the material. The good news is, this is free and we highly encourage you to come back and earn your certification. 

Still have a question or concern about training that you just can't shake?

Shoot me a msg on Whatsapp and I'll be happy to make sure that my training is a good fit for you!