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  • There is an art to everything, electronics in general have become so advanced and ingrained in our society that we can’t seem to live without them. These large companies that produce our products put quite a bit of time, effort, and passion of their own into designing such complex and beautiful devices from the inside out. So why should we not take the same care in the way we restore them?

    So this site is for those of you out there that care about good ole fashioned craftsmanship and doing the best you can do. You are about to experience the most comprehensive mobile electronics repair videos and information on the web. So sit back, strap in and get ready to learn. Because THIS is the art of repair, where we will be breaking you down and starting from the ground up to turn you into the best mobile electronics repair technician you can be.

    So go ahead and pull out your trash can and toss everything you THINK you know about mobile repair in the bin. No longer will you be wondering “am I doing this right?”  Or “ I wonder how this works” All will be revealed. We are going to look at every single repair concept at a fundamental level. By fundamental I mean microscopic,thermal,practical,impractical. Doesn’t matter. We are going over ALL OF IT! Not only that, but we will be using the latest and greatest techniques and the most accurate tools and test equipment available on the market to take a deep investigative look into all types of unknown and little known concepts. Be it what type of tool do i use here, to the math involved in “am i using to much glue?”

    At the Art of Repair, we have a deep passion for not only doing high quality work that will meet or exceed OEM standards, but we also want to share that with you. For the good of all repair, this information MUST be shared!

    All this info will be provided to you, free of charge!

    We want to create the next generation of high quality technicians. Not everyone has access to high quality training material. So we are bringing it from our shop to yours.

    There is a major void in the mobile electronics repair industry right now concerning quality training. We want to make sure that each step in your process is on point with the standards and practices that make a repaired device whole again, From the inside out. Because making it look nice on the outside just can’t be enough.

    At the art of repair we specialize in the subtle art of making a device fully functional while still retaining an OEM style approach.

    So go check out our Blog and be sure to stop by our YouTube channel and like and subscribe to make sure you’re always up to date with the latest information from The Art of Repair.